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16 June 2013
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Bright Impact Consulting

Bright Impact Consulting is specialised in Service Delivery Transformation. We reduce costs, improve the performance and enhance controls of back office functions such as Finance and Human Resources. This is often achieved through the implementation of Shared Services, Outsourcing, Centres of Excellences and Business Partnering. We specialise ourselves in feasibility studies, back office design, transition management and back office optimisation.

Each Service Delivery Transformation is unique. We believe that the best results are achieved through intensive collaboration with the client. Combining your knowledge about the organisation with our experience and best practices in Service Delivery Transformations will lead to a solution that is tailored to your specific needs, function, processes and organisation.

Bright Impact Consulting is founded by Ilona Vermunt and Sybren Herder, who built their knowledge and experience as management consultant at a Tier 1 consulting firm. As Bright Impact Consulting they have worked for Global Fortune 500 organisations.